Nutritions: Cook-to-care nutrition skills for overall heath

Healthy food

The HUNGARIAN RESIDENTIAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM offers structured orthomolecular nutrition as part of an important component of the lifestyle approach to healthy eating for effective weight loss, maintenance of ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) and active life for candidates.

Orthomolecular nutrition is the science of preservation of good health and the management of diseases through cellular nutrition by giving back to the body that with which it was born and activating the body to use the nutrients, minerals and vita-nutrients to heal itself. The concentrations of natural substances normally found in the human body could be responsible for the maintenance of health. These substances are possibly accessed from the informed application of well-rounded vegetarian, paleolithic and natural healthy diet models.

Program doctors and nutritionists have created menus to guide you in choosing and preparing delicious, nutritious and filling gourmet from natural foods stocks including:

  • Pastries and none dairy milk shakes products of nuts, fruits and special grains
  • Cold pressed juice from variety of fresh fruits-vegetables and more.

From the first day you arrive at our facilities, participants tend to appreciate lots of great tasting foods, succulent fruits; all-you-can-drink cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, roasted Norwegian salmon, trout fish, other sea foods or bio lean cut meat. A bounty of savory grilled vegetables, Paella, Grilled bison, wild mushroom risotto and chocolate mousse are also available. In Hungary they say, hunger is never an issue. In the course of your weight loss program in our facility you will bear testimony that eating more healthy good foods that your body appears to increase the rate of losing weight and reduce complications due to excessive weight (Obesity care management).