Fitness/Exercises: Non exertional cardio exercise and fitness: keeping health weight


Cardio fitness and Exercise is crucial for healthy weight control without exertion. Our types of exercises are about regaining the feelings of wellness, lightness, energy, and strength that are natural to your body. We adopt comprehensive approach involving cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training that includes the following:

a) Treadmill, b) jogging, c) swimming, d) Thermal bath aqua-sports,
e) Cycling, f) Horseback riding, and g) Golf range activities.

Each element is designed to be safe, fun, and easy to follow when you return home. And we accommodate all levels of fitness with high individualized attention. Participants cheering each other on offer the exciting thrill while shedding off fat and building muscle quicker and more effectively than they ever thought possible. Trained exercise specialists start at your current fitness level and help you:

1) develop a plan that you can maintain when you return home.
2) Our fitness facilities are equipped with everything you need for safe and comfortable exercise,
3) Variety of classes will help you improve cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, muscle strength, and relaxation. .
d) All exercise staff and personal trainers are certified in several fitness specialties, and certified personal trainers are available.
e) Thermal Bath Water exercise classes are offered in either an indoor or seasonal outdoor pool.
f) Our therapists, highly trained and certified are available to offer different types of refreshing massage to ease muscles and help you relax.

Also offered daily are elective fitness classes, including Sunrise Stretch, Yoga/Meditation, Aquatics, Toning the Abs and Butt, Functional Fitness, Balance & Stability, Tai Chi, Spinning, Zumba Dancing, and Pilates.