Education: Acquire healthy lifestyle skills for active weight control

Participants could acquire comprehensive integration and understanding of how the following key principles: NUTRITION, HEALTHY LIFESTYL, FITNESS/EXCERSIZE and FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE play synergic roles in actively losing weight. This is achieved in a unique cornerstone education and skill acquisition setting where our physicians, nurses, therapists and other professional staff guide clients in small group workshops and classes (Listed below) thus increasing clients success rate at the Hungarian residential weight loss program and overcoming possible individual obstacles.

• Healthy, Pleasurable Dinning in Restaurants
• The Art of Creative Healthy Cooking
• Informed Supermarket Shopping and debunking junk food gimmicks
• U-Turn from Destination ILLNESS
• Heart Vitality and Brain Electricity
• The Lego of Strong Bones
• Stress Command and Control
• Signature Sexuality and Intimacy
• Mapping out Your Home Strategies
• Mastering Lifelong Healthy Eating Habits and more