Different and unique. Hungarian residential weight loss programs with healthy lifestyle focus

Hungaro residential weight loss programs with healthy lifestyle approach

… doing it uniquely different with passion…

A one to 4-weeks intensive skills acquisition and education based weight-loss program that includes:

  • Orthomolecular nutrition classes and practical emphasizing a lifestyle approach to healthy eating for healthy living,
  • Cardio-exercises that include a) Treadmill, b) jogging, c) swimming, d) thermal bath water sports, e) cycling, f) horseback riding, and g) golf range activities,
  • Stress management workshops,
  • Massages and cranial-sacral therapy sessions.
  • Nutrition counseling and lectures on menu planning for home and restaurant outings,
  • Practical cooking lessons and organic farmers market tours etc.

Our program is a lifestyle model of a weight loss program that applies the benefits of foods on your health, teaching you the essential skills such as shopping and preparing healthy diets, ordering nutritious options in restaurants, understanding your emotional relationship with food and finding solutions for managing the stressors in your life.

With the attitude of passion we challenge participants to lose weight over a week’s stay in our star rated settings. After you have marveled at the scenic environment of our residential weight loss facilities, experienced the tranquility of the park and trails and felt the medicinal thermal bath water gently stroking your skin, then it is time to enter the world of fragrant essential oils and savory healthy dishes that wait to nourish your body, soul and spirit. The pampering of your principal senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell with passion and precision makes one wonder what is next.

The hospitality of our caring staff will guide you to the boundary of the realm of the 6th sense for the state of equilibrium in transforming your dreams and desires into likely model shape, size or lightweight with the experience and skills you will always cherish for a healthy lifetime.

However, if results and the ability to wear your swim suits or button your trousers and easily bend to tie your shoe laces again are among what matters to you…, then you have ways of evaluating if what you invest would bring in return fulfilments with improved healthy lifestyle and self-worth. We share similar understanding with our happy clients that a weight loss program of this standard could serve their need.

Participants experience varies in losing weight with good improvements in nutrition, exercise, systemic physio-functional wellness and behavioral stress adaptation. Negative habits appear to be discarded to acquire skills and attitudes of healthy lifestyle for active weight loss. Experienced staff members including medical doctors, crania-sacral and massage therapists, renowned chefs, professional medical tourism experts are available to guide and assist you through the program to achieve you set goals.

Our Residential Weight Loss Program is guided by key principles such as NUTRITION, HEALTHY LIFESTYL EDUCATION, FITNESS/EXCERSIZE and BEHAVIOR FUNCTIONAL PHYSIOLOGY. These principles are essential to the success enjoyed by our participants.